My goal is to help you stand out and be known. I will explore all avenues to successfully showcase your new or existing brand. My creative process will generate the look and feel of your company's desired target audience.

The Story

For the longest time I thought, "NO... there's no way I can run my own graphic design business." If it wasn't for the strength and encouragement of my friends and family, twenty 2 Graphics would never exist. They pushed me to see that not only could I absolutely own a business, but I could thrive in it. It is a terrifying venture, going out on your own, without a stable income or benefits. But the benefits of enriching the lives of your own personal clients is so much more rewarding than relying on others. While it has been a rocky beginning for twenty 2 Graphics, it has been a rewarding one as well. I could not have made it here without all of your support!


Many people have asked me why I named the business twenty 2 Graphics. Here's the roundabout reasoning behind the name. Ready.... my birthday is the 22nd! Its profound, I know. But seriously, its a great number. Throughout my life, little ventures have revolved around the number 2 or 22. Like my audition number for cheer in high school was 22, or my first apartment number was unit 2223. It's crazy-weird sometimes, so I decided why not name it after that, perhaps it'll be a lucky number.

Lindsay Howick Headshot

Lindsay Howick


Hi there! My name is Lindsay, I was first drawn to graphic design while in school for architecture at ASU. I was so excited to study architecture, I always had great grades and always did everything I could to succeed while in high school. So when I failed my first semester at ASU, I realized something had to change. One of my required courses was a product design class, it was here that I learned my passion for graphic design. My whole life I was an artist, sketching every chance I could. This class showed me that there was a better path for me. The next semester I changed my major to graphic design, and I have never looked back or regretted my decision. Being able to create art for not only beauty, but also purpose and function, this was my calling. After a few bumps in the road, I graduated with a degree in graphic design, a certificate in animation, and a greater appreciating for architecture.